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K-ART Silver Nano

Maifan Stone is a type of core containing potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, strontium, iodine, fluorine and silicic, acid as well as 18 trace elements which are all essential for good health.



- A high quality non-stick nano coating.

- Produce 80% less smoke than conventional pots and pans.

- Transfers heat quick and evenly - reduces cooking time and saves energy.

- Requires lesser oil for cooking.

- Food will not stick to the pots and pans due to the excellent marble coating.

- Easy to clean.

- Strongly resistant to corrosion with an excellent coating.

- Pots are designed with streamline shape to prevent overflowing of food. 

- Raw material approved by USFDA.


For Gas Use

wok back.png
fry pan.png

For Induction Use

ih pan.png
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