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Possessing a 3 - ply structure of 18 - 10 stainless steel, aluminium and magnetic stainless steel, Living Art PrimaVera line of cookware promises durability and high cooking efficiency to leave you with more precious time with your family and loved ones.



- The three materials combined helps to distribute the heat more evenly, which reduces cooking time and saves energy.

- Food left in the post can also be kept warm longer.

- This line of cookware can be used with various heat sources, induction cookers, gas stoves, electric hotplates and ovens, etc.

- The pot has a water level indicator on the inner surface.

- Cover of the pots have a steam hole to prevent overflowing.

- Rims of the pots are designed to aid pouring. 

- This range of cookware is also safe for dishwashers. 

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