Chefs know the importance of having a clean, sturdy, and durable kitchen. That is why the choice of your kitchen's material is paramount.


The Nasluck's high quality 18-8 stainless steel will provide you with everything you need for your dream kitchen: clean look, excellent antimicrobial properties, shock absorbent for all your cooking adventures.


You will only need to focus on your recipe and nothing else!

L-Shaped Series
L-Shaped Series
In-Line Series
In-Line Series
Island Series
Island Series

18-8 Stainless Steel

According to Japanese researchers, stainless steel cabinets have a cockroach penetration rate that is 1/8 that of wooden products.

Nasluck's Sespa system kitchen drawers and doors adopt Blum's reliable soft close system which allows for smooth opening and closing.

Nasluck maximises storage space by making use of the dead space beneath the sink. It is effortless to organise kitchenwares and utensils.

An additional inner drawer together with an attached tray can store small items.

When cleaning up spills, it would be very easy as the drawer bottoms are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel.

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2 Tier Drawer
2 Tier Drawer
3 Tier Drawer
3 Tier Drawer
Corner Racks
Base Colour
Colours & Examples

BE Sink (510x430x850mm) Cut-out: 544x885mm EE Sink (510x430x750mm) Cut-out: 544x784mm

The sound of water running on the sink are minimised by a four-layer structure absorbing the sound and vibration.

The cover plate hides away waste that are deposited in the net.

The plate can be rotated to allow larger pieces of waste to go down the drain.

The stainless steel waste catcher is resistant to mold and slime, allowing the drain to remain clean at all times.

Simplified drain design for easy cleaning and maintenance.



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