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Maifan Stone Ceramic Cookware


Made from naturally occurring Maifan stones that are super - heat resistant. It is suitable for stewing and double boiling, along with other cooking methods.


It is unlike conventional metallic cookware where certain metals could leach onto the food when cooking which will affect the taste and nutrition of the dish.



- Made of several natural elements, with ceramic comprising the inner surface and Maifan stone on the exterior.

- A nature's healthy, multi-functional cookware that is able to retain the original flavour of the food.

- Nutrients would not be lost when cooking and trace elements required by our body will also get replenished.

- Heat transfer is fast with slow dissipation, making it a quality energy-saving product. Heat will also continue to circulate after heat is turned off due to the pot's heat retaining function.

- Food can be served in this elegant, Japanese-designed pot.

- Can be used directly on induction cookers, heating plates and stoves.

- Easy to clean as it is a non-stick pot.


Maifan Stones

It is also known as longevity stones or health stones, a bioactive composite which is non-toxic to living organisms. It has been scientifically proven that Maifan stone can regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, help digestion and other health benefits.


The "green body" of K-ART's ceramic product uses Australian spodumene and high-quality kaolin from China's town of Jingde as its main materials. It is gas - fired to 1300°C in a tunnel kiln to produce an ideal multifunctional cookware.

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