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26cm: Inner Diameter 26cm x Height 8.4cm 

- 28cm: Inner Diameter 28cm x Height 8.8cm

- 30cm: Inner Diameter 30cm x Height 9.2cm


All New 2nd Generation 3D IH Iron Frying pan.

-Excellent thermal conductivity,

-Easy to wash and use due to the non stick iron coating.

3D IH Iron Wok Pan

  • Take Note

    • Before using the pot for the first time, smear edible oil on the inner surface and cook over low heat for 1 minute. This will help to prolong the lifespan of the pot.
    • Do not pour cold water to cool the pot after use. Leave the pot to cool before washing.
    • Avoid scratching the surface of the pot with a metal spatula or sharp objects.
    • Avoid cleaning the pot with steel scrubbers and gourd sponges. Avoid prolonged (or overnight) immersion of the pot in water.
    • Avoid cooking over high heat and do not heat an empty cookware for long time.
    • Wipe dry pot's base before using on induction cooker to prevent short circuit.
    • Reduce the heat accordingly to the induction cooker when cooking viscid food like congees, eggs etc. Also, stir often to prevent food from adhering to the pot.
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