Love and crave for bubble milk tea drink but afraid of gaining weight?


Try out our all NEW! FARCENT Bubble Milk Tea Series Air Freshener,

that smell like bubble milk tea and comes with pearls!


Comes with 3 Bubble Milk Tea Fragrance to choose from:
- Bubble Milk Tea Fragrance

- Tipsy Grape Fragrance

- Sweet Strawberry Fragrance

Gentle Reminder:
This product is too much like milk tea. 
Please do not consume!

Farcent Bubble Tea Series Air Freshener 250ML

S$7.90 Regular Price
S$4.00Sale Price
  • Precautions/Storage:

    *Please thoroughly read the precautions before use*
    1. Please do not take out the diffuse cotton inside the upper cap for the best diffusing effect.
    2. Please keep out of reach of children and pets. Please do not come into direct contact with the skin. 
    3. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse with plenty of water, and seek immediate medical attention.
    4. Please do not place it diagonally to avoid leakage (wash immediately if liquid is spilled).
    5. A color difference or condensation to the liquid of this product is a normal phenomenon.
    6. Please store this product in cool places, and keep it far from fire and high heat. 
    7. Stay away from direct sunlight and places prone to shaking and high heat (eg. vehicle) and the furniture of baked painting surface, artificial leather, and plastic product in order to prevent from damages.

    *This is not food, Do not ingest.*