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Longlasting air fresheners and deodorisers that enhance air quality and create a comfortable atmosphere for daily life.​

Based on the air-purification needs, Farcent's products absorb bad odors and release aromatic fragrances. 


Perfume Series

An elaborate formula and fragrance developed by renowned European perfume house.

Three different fragrance: 

- Freesia & English Pear

- Sea Salt & Wood Sage

- Star Magnolia

Japanese plants have been added as a deodorising factor that will help to eliminate odor and restore fresh air.


Charcoal Series

Bamboo Charcoal has a special property that absorbs odour and releases negative ions. Together with deodorant elements from coniferous plants, odours are decomposed by neutralisation. This is 3 times more effective in removing residual odour as compared to the natural long charcoal.


The charcoal series will effectively remove odor and recreates fresh air.